How To Get Rid Of Double Chin?

How to get rid of a double chin?

Everyone loves to look beautiful and flawless skin. When you see a kid with chubby cheeks, you find them cute and admire them. When you grow up and enter into your teens, you don’t find it cute anymore. Especially, fats around the jaws may look so embarrassing. They indicate accumulation of fat. When you see it in the beauty point of view, they are not so attractive. When you see it in the health point of view, they are not healthy sign.

You don’t necessarily spend too much money on treating the double chin. You can still enhance your appearance in less or no expensive way. There are several natural home remedies and exercise to eliminate fat accumulated under the jaw, neck, and throat.

Many people want to get rid of double chin due to health reason or for the sake of beauty. The reason could be anything, eliminating double chin will give you confidence. However, It is not very difficult to get rid of double chin. With proper diet, home remedies and exercise you can easily eliminate the excess fat under your chin. You have to remember one thing, you cannot come out of this issue in one or two days, it takes few weeks and even months. If you want a long-term result, keep trying the below methods.

What is a Double Chin and who has this issue?

A double chin is commonly called as submental fat or excess fat under the skin. When excess fat is settled under the chin, you can see a layer formed below your chin. Of course, double chin is associated with weight gain, but not everyone needs to be overweight to have a double chin. Even a slim person can face this issue.

How to get rid of it?

Some of the simple technique to eliminate double chin are massage and exercise.


A good massage can also do the magic to your double chin. You can massage the skin underneath your chin using oil. Apart from eliminating the excess fat, it can also improve the blood circulation to your chin and helps in getting rid of the excess fat accumulation. A massage can be done with several oil, some of the commonly used oils are Wheat germ oil and olive oil.

Wheat germ oil

What you have to do is, take a little oil and apply it to your chin and start massaging in an upward direction. A massage session can prolong for 10 minutes. Do this thrice a week for better result.

Olive oil

Take required amount of olive oil and slightly heat it. When the oil is warm apply it on your chin and start massaging gently on your jaw.  Then Leave it overnight or few hours. Rinse it off.


Experts suggest few exercise which can effectively eliminate the double chin. Consider doing this exercise regularly to have a great look.

Stick It Out

This is a simple exercise that can be done in a sitting position.  Look forward and open your mouth widely. In a tongue out position count till five or more, then take your tongue inside your mouth and start counting again. Repeat this exercise few times a day

Jaw Jut

Slightly lean your head back and look at your ceiling. After this, bring your lower jaw forward until you  feel a stretch beneath your chin .Remain in this position for minimum of 10 minutes. Then, come to a relaxing position and bring your head to a neutral position. Repeat this exercise few times a day

Neck Roll

Come to a standing position and drop your chin forward in such a way that it should touch your chest. Later, slowly turn your head towards right. Hold on this position five counts. After that, you need to rotate your head towards back. You should continue to rotate your head towards left. Hold on this position for five counts. Repeat this exercise few times a day

Tongue on Teeth

Come to a erect position such that your straight is back. Then keep your mouth open as far as possible. Place your tongue edge against the backside of the bottom row teeth. Do inhale and exhale, while Inhaling use your mouth, and while exhaling make a sound. Keep doing this work out for few minute. Now relax your mouth and tongue. Repeat this exercise few times a day.

Laying Lifts

Lay on your bed and face upward, now let your head to hang off the end. After coming to this position, now slowly lift up your head to your chest. You should still keeping your back on bed and shoulders are flat against the surface. Hold in this position for few seconds. Then gently return your head as it was in its starting position. Repeat this exercise few times a day.

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