How to Remove Acrylic Nails?

How to Remove Acrylic Nails?

Are you fond of having acrylic nails? Well if you do so then you must be aware of the DIY methods of removal. Removing acrylic nails involves a lot of money and time. It becomes difficult for you to bear such a huge cost monthly. In that case, you can follow the simple homely methods which are being listed below.

Method 1.

Using acetone and aluminum foil

To try out this method of removing acrylic nails you will require acetone, nail clippers, filer, cotton pads, aluminum foils and petroleum jelly.

  • The very first step which you must perform is to cut your nails shorter.
  • Now you must remove the nail paint from your nails so as to avoid spreading of colors.
  • Petroleum jelly must be applied tothe base of your nails which is the cuticle. This is the dead skin. The cotton pads can now be dipped in the acetone liquid and kept on your nails.
  • In order to keep your cotton pads in place aluminum foil should be wrapped around your fingernails.
  • Now,wait for half an hour.
  • The acrylic nail will be removed as you pull out the piece of aluminum foil. At this point intime, you might get a feeling that the aluminum foil doesn’t want to come off. This indicates that you will require to keep it in place for some more time.

Method 2.

Using acetone and warm water

In order to remove your acrylic nails using this method, you will require acetone, orange sticks, petroleum jelly, nail clippers, lukewarm water, tweezers and two bowls.

  • Cut your nails and poke the dead skin which is known as cuticles with an orange stick.
  • Take two bowls and fill up one of them with acetone and the other one with warm water. Now place the bowl of acetone inside the bowl which consists of warm water.
  • Petroleum jelly will save the neighboring portions of your cuticles. Acetone has rough effects.
  • Immerse your nails inthe bowl which consist of acetone. Ensure that your entire nail is well immersed into the bowl containing acetone for around half an hour.
  • Now you can make sure whether or not the acrylic nails have become easy going so that you can remove it with the help of tweezers.
  • You have to very patient with the process of removal. Keep your acrylic nails immersed into the bowl containing acrylic solution if you feel that it requires some more time to soften.

There are people around you who are willing to avoid acetone as it is a very rough agent. In that case, you can also remove the acrylic nails without the use of acetone.

Method 3.

Removing acrylic nails with the help of nail polish which is free of acetone

Well, this process consumes a little more time than acetone methods. The acrylic nails are removed by using nail paints in this method. To conduct this process, you will require nail polish which is free of acetone, tweezer, bowl and a nail cutter.

  • The very first step is to cut your acrylic fingernails
  • Poke the borders of your acrylic fingernailsby using the end of a tweezer which is sharp.
  • Take a bowl and fill it with nail polish which is free of acetone.
  • Now keep your nails immersed inthe solution for around half an hour.
  • If you feel that the nails are becoming loosein nature, then you can remove it with the help of a tweezer. If the acrylic nails are still not soft, then you must better keep it dipped inside the bowl of acetone-free nail polish for some more time.

Method 4.

Warm water can help in the removal of acrylic nails

This is one of the best and the safest way possible to remove acrylic nails. The warm water contains no acetone in it. The things required to carry out the process are nail filer, warm water, orange sticks and nail cutter.

  • Cut your nails short with the help of a nail cutter and poke the borders with the help of the stick.
  • Warm up some water and pour it into a bowl. The water must be lukewarm in nature so that you can soak your nails for a longer time.
  • Immerseyour nails in the bowl of water for around half an hour. If you see that the acrylic nails didn’t come off within half an hour, then keep your nails soaked for some more time into the bowl of warm water.

If you think that the methods without using acetone will actually suit you then you can try out those. Acetone proves to be quite rough on our skin. Patience is the key factor to success. The same applies to the removal of acrylic nails at home.

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