How to get back in the dating game after taking a break?

How to get back in the dating game after taking a break?

Trauma and pain has lasting effect on ones heart, mind and body. It depends greatly upon the involvement you had in the previous relationship. Betrayal or a nasty end leaves a lasting impression. Post breakup it becomes difficult to restart again. But every individual is different, so what is apt for me might not be good enough for you. Some try to jump on to the bandwagon immediately to erase previous memories. Dating game isn’t easy; it’s best to prepare full proof and have a good start and inning. Decisions made in hush-hush often have disastrous end results.

Here are some basic preparations one must consider before getting back in the dating game after a break-up.

Self-analysis: You do not need to cut big bills to psychologists or relationship expert to seek advice. Seek answers within, ponder, spend time with yourself to analyse. What went wrong/where? Keeping a check and control on your emotions will help in future relationship goals. This time you can also cultivate new hobby or restart an existing one. It’s your “ME” time so give yourself a complete makeover inside-out.

Gift of Forgiving: Let go of the past and forgive yourself and all the others involved in break-up. You wouldn’t want to carry a burden for the lifetime. I know it’s easier said than done, “but there is no choice” you have to let go off. Let yourself loose from all strings, commitments or anything which makes you uncomfortable, claustrophobic.

Go on your dream vacation: It might sound quirky, but plan a solo vacation to the place you always wanted to go. Some adventure trek, mountaineering, diving, rock climbing, and marathon just about anything. I’m sure there were things you wanted to do while being in relationship but couldn’t. But it’s never too late. Do it now and rediscover your happiness.

Free up the space from heart and mind: before you embark on a new journey just free up your mind and heart from previous sour emotions and memories. Just delete and trash them. Remove the stigma of being dumped. It’s a very relieving feeling to lessen your burden. There are ways to do it exercising, swimming, running or yoga. Any form of physical activity will produce good hormones and make you feel better.

Become the best version of you: You must have spent enough time by now for yourself up gradation. Make your portfolio and profile on the dating sites more appealing yet true. Express your true expectations on the internet or when you meet in person. Out beat yourself this time break all the previous records. Break monotony, experiment, be more forthcoming and expressive.


Have faith and confidence: Don’t get carried away by the turn of events. Have faith and confidence in others, well it won’t harm you over and over again. Practise makes the one perfect is an old saying. Trust, faith and confidence are a deadly combination to resist. There is no looking back and the success in dating is confirmed.

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