How To Be More Confident On a Date

A big dampener on any date is a low self-esteem. Fumbling, speaking out of context, unpreventable messes are the last thing you would want on a date. Don’t blame it on luck; it’s you who needs to take full control. Stand in front of full length mirror and talk it out to yourself. Give finesse to your positives, be confident about your charm, looks, dress, hair, makeup everything. Take ample time in your hands to plan things properly and boost your morale. Talking to a close associate and friend will give you more tips.

Being positive: Feel good about yourself; being positive is the first step towards your successful date. Do things and activities to lift your mood. If you head out with a good mood, then the date is also going to turn positive. You cannot move a stone from its place if you are not in the mood. Brain and its chemicals play a major role in your estrogens levels. Assumption is not always the mother of all fuck up’s in life. If you feel he’s going to like you, then you have to like yourself first and hold no doubts about it.


Be presentable: As a thumb rule always remember exterior matters as much as the interiors (wink-wink). Pick your dress carefully, the colour and cut must accentuate your features, attributes and colour in the best compilation. Hair and make-up should complement the dress. Don’t overdo, leave a hint of naturalness in everything. Don’t appear like a mannequin on your date; don’t wear something which is uncomfortable. After getting dresses up, take a final look and confirm it to yourself that it’s going to be a smooth sailing. Step out with full grace and aplomb.

Take responsibility:  As the evening proceeds, you are sipping wine and your date asks,” What’s the next plan?” take responsibility of your next response and action. Always remember this question will be asked if all is going well. So be prepared beforehand with your answer. It shouldn’t be like a hang-over next morning and you are full of repentance. During you conversation, there will be ample signs to give you a clue for what’s next?


Be You: Nothing suits you best; other than being yourself. Stop being a pleaser or pretentious. If the date is in you; it will call back nevertheless. Speak your mind out and be honest about yourself and the meeting. Guys are attracted to honestly, intelligence and less complicated stuff. Rather than going round and round in circles, if everything is discussed and is out in the open. Believe me it works or at least give the other person a food for thought.

Always remember it’s just a date not a do or die situation. He’s not the world saviour and you are not at the helm of disaster to an end. It could be the other way round; despite making all the efforts and doing everything right, your date might just not as you expect it to be.

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