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Types of Bras

Types of Bras

Bras are considered as one of the most practical inventions for women across history! They are functional as they have provided support to women’s breast as well as help provide a flattering shape to the bust. It is used by women all around the world and is sometimes reckoned as a necessary pain.

Bras originated from corsets and fabric wrap bands which were the earliest known garments that gave support to a woman’s breasts along with shaping the hips and the waist. One of the shortcomings of a corset was the constraint it had on ones breathing. It was not only uncomfortable but also difficult to wear and take off. These details paved the way to remodel the corset. The early 1900’s saw the emergence of brassieres or bras. Bras have evolved and improved over time according to the needs and preferences of women.  A bra was considered as a private under clothing but now it has transformed itself as a piece of garment which need not be shrouded in secret and can be now worn with pride.

There are a plethora of choices for bras to choose from since they are made to cater to specific requirements. A woman’s body is absolutely distinct from another and has individual needs. The revolution in the varieties of bras that is available today has been of a great help to all women across all age groups. Here’s a foolproof list of all the types of bras that’s available for all women:

  • Convertible Bras – These bras are perfect to be used in multiple styles from one-strap, two-strap, cross-back or strapless. These versatile bras come with a detachable strap which can be used in any way one prefers such as criss-cross, halter or racerback.


  • Cage Bras – These bras are superb to show off with sheer back or low cut outfits! They are both sexy and supportive with their multi-strap necklines and backs.


  • T-Shirt Bras – These padded bras are extra special because they are perfect for everyday wear and comfort. They are comfortable and have an invisible feel with their seamless smooth cups. They come in multiple styles, from plunge to strapless. These are suited for women with asymmetrical breasts.


  • Push-up Bras – These bras help in uplifting the breasts and keep them close together to provide a sexy cleavage. They are padded and lift up your breasts and are perfect to wear with a cleavage-baring top or dress. These suit women with muscular breasts.


  • Cami Bras – These functional bras are a combination of camisole and bra which provide full cups and high necklines making them perfect for deep necklines.


  • Balconette Bras – These bras are perfect for wide cut outfits as they remain hidden while they help lift the breasts gently. They are suited for small sized breasts as they give a rounded appearance to it with their demi cups.


  • Maternity Bras – These bras are absolutely essential for breastfeeding mothers and they come with removable cups to allow comfortable feeding while nursing the baby. They are made for absolute comfort and to accommodate a growing breast.


  • Bralette Bras – These lacey bras can be worn as an undergarment or as a top on its own. They are not padded and don’t have an underwire. They make an ideal match with sheer, translucent or loose fit tops.


  • Stick-On Bras – These bare minimum bras fit seamlessly into your breasts as they have a gentle adhesive substance on it and they are perfect to wear with backless outfits. These bras fit especially well on smaller breasts.


  • Plunge Bras – These bras are a must-have for an awesome cleavage while wearing a plunging neckline. They give a fuller look to the bust while securing them snug. Suited for special occasions only.


  • Sports Bras – These bras are a necessity while exercising as they provide a solid grip on the breasts and do not allow them to bounce and give maximum support. They are extremely comfortable while doing strenuous exercises like running or hiking.


  • Mastectomy Bras – These bras come with breast prosthesis made of silicone in the cups and are useful for women who have undergone a mastectomy without breast reconstruction.


  • Bandeau Bras – These bras are excellent for casual use particularly at home as they are simply a stretchable band with no cups, fastenings or straps. They have minimum support and yet have maximum comfort. Suited for smaller breasts.


  • Minimizer Bras – These bras help in making a large bust look smaller in size and are perfect to wear with fitted outfits. They minimize the breasts by spreading the breast tissue across the chest.


  • No Sag Bras – These bras prevent breasts from sagging and keep them firmly in place with their nonstretchable and high strength fabric.


  • Strapless Bras – These bras defy gravity and do not slip off! Shoulder-baring outfits can be worn with ease and perfection while giving just the right lift to the breasts with these bras. All breast sizes are suited for this kind of bras.


  • Longline Bras – These bras provide coverage from the bust to a few inches above the belly button and leave a slimming effect on your torso.


  • Padded Bras – These bras are suited for smaller breasted women as it gives the illusion of a fuller breast with its padding.


  • Halter Bras – These bras are perfect to be worn with strapless or racerback outfits as they provide good support to your breasts without unnecessary exposure.

Bras are no longer perceived as a garment worn out of necessity but as something that makes a woman more confident. Women are now becoming more knowledgeable about bras and the importance of wearing the right size and fit. There is a realization about the health of breasts and its significance.  All these factors have urged women to become more experimental and expressive with bras.

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