Top 10 Valentine’s Day Animation Movies

Are you browsing for a couple of shows to see it with your loved one? Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a holiday dedicated to love; on Valentine’s evening, stay at home with your loved one and watch any of these ten curated animated movies.

Beauty and the Beast(1991)

This film is based on a classic tale and is sure to impact on our hearts. When Belle confronts the Beast, she demonstrates bravery and pure love, and the Beast learns to open himself to rescue himself.

 Lady and the Tramp(1955)

It’s a movie about two canines. Despite Vagabondo’s flaws and cunning, a woman among them known as the Lady falls in love with him. Tramp also sticks at Lady’s side in good times and bad. Throughout the film, he stands at her side, defending her.

The Little Mermaid(1989)

It is a Disney animated movie about a girl called Ariel. When this silent beauty approaches Eric on the beach, Eric has no idea what is in store for him. He won’t be able to avoid kissing the girl!


Rapunzel and Flynn Rider’s difficult start in life transforms into an adventure as Rapunzel and Flynn get closer. The plot is ultimately given a romantic twist in the film.

Gnomeo and Juliet(2011)

The story revolves around two gnome families that live next door. Due to their human landlord’s never-ending dispute, the gnomes developed a hatred for one another. Gnomeo approaches the Pink Gnome yard to pursue vengeance, but he encounters Juliet instead of following his plan, and is instantly charmed.

The Princess and the Frog(2009)

It is a story about a waitress named Tiana who dreams about opening her restaurant. Her life turns upside down when she kisses a magic spelled frog and turns a frog herself. The story then revolves around them trying to turn humans again.

Sleeping Beauty(1959)

The story revolves around a wicked fairy who the royal family disregards, so she curses the princess as a form of retaliation. Only the princess, with the help of three good fairies, can break the spell.


The story follows a young guy named Tarzan, raised by gorillas, who realizes he is human after a party of English explorers visits the island where he lives. It is based on the novel named Tarzan of the Apes.


It is based on a folk legend about a girl who lives with her cruel stepmother, who forbids her from attending a formal dance. Cinderella then enlists the assistance of the Fairy Godmother and her tiny companions to attend the ball and meet Prince Charming.


Aladdin is a Disney animated film primarily based on the Arabic folktale of the same name from the One Thousand and One Nights. It tells the story of a street urchin named Aladdin who discovers a magical lamp.

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