5 things that turn guys off, girls don’t know

Shocking! True not everything you do goes down well with the love of your life. There are things he would want you to drop or change. You have no idea about how annoying and a spoiling it can be in a relationship.

Crib pot: If you have issues with anything and everything in life. Cribbing is your best past-time. Lady hold your horses, its major spoil sport behaviour. Not always your man is ready with his shoulder and ears to hear you out and calm your nerves. It can be over the board at times. Proceeding in any relation becomes difficult if one of the partners is always nagging. Every relation is a complex network of expectations, commitments, friends and relatives. Everything and everyone cannot be wrong in your eyes all the time. Take a stock of your emotions. Before the lid completely goes off.

Attention seeker: Guys get turned off by girls who are always trying to seek too much of attention. In a party, at a restaurant, on a vacation, over the call or just about anywhere; you do not have to feel insecure, if your guy is talking to others or paying more attention to other matters. Round the clock attention cannot be bestowed on you. Thus give space and time to breathe, relax and hold trust in each other. Guys get turned off by being question about looks, dress, weight etc before stepping out in public. He’s no your checklist to get things in order. Be more chilled out and relaxed and stop being Miss Perfectionist all the time.

20 Questions a Man Should Never Ask a Woman (and the Reasons Why)Tough nut to crack: In the game of love sometimes being inaccessible raises the temptation and temperature to fetch. But not always it will get the same tempo between the couples. After a point if you are too hard a nut to crack, guy’s tendency is to give up and go looking for more promising aspects. Sometimes you have to give in to the demands and desires of your partner. This is where you feel the bond and unity. If he has been with you at all the times you wanted; same rule applies to you when it comes to him. Guys get easily put off by girls who act very pricey.

Bad hygiene: Would you like your partner to smell like a chicken or pig, when you are in the mood to get cosy. Big NO right! Bad hygiene or annoying bad habits are a major turn off for boys. They want their girl to smell good and have good hygiene habits. Messy hair, shabby clothes, chipped nails and bad smell can make any guy run in full speed in opposite direction.

Ex’es is still in present tense: If you find solace in talking about your exes. You are heading for big trouble. This present will surely become ex if you don’t break this monotonous topic. Who wants to know the details of your exes. In the present day, everyone has a past and it’s best to leave it in the past only.

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