Best netflix shows to binge watch right now!

netflix shows to binge watch

Netflix is currently enjoying the status of being the most value-adding subscription service hands down! Netflix has 100’s of full season TV shows with fresh content and features. Let’s see which one of them is the most recommended!

Queer eye

Queer Eye, that features the five stalwarts, is back with a bang! They seem to bring the glamour back on the screen after the critics complained that they have lost their charm. To believe the experts, Netflix has bolstered the setup of the show where a new squad is hired for escalating their lifestyle quotient. You can expect the show to be involving and germane.

The End of the F***I World

And the story goes like this – James, who is played by Alex Lawther, is a dysfunctional young boy who believes he is a sociopath. He fixes his eye on Alyssa, who is played by Jessica Barden or Hanna. Alyssa is a new entrant in the school who seems to have awful parents and enjoys to irritate people over different things. The real story begins when they run away together and then happens the splurge of crime. You will never get enough of this series and will leave you thinking for hours. Those 30 minutes will not allow you to look elsewhere and you will also relish infrequent bursts of laughter.


This suspense thriller, directed by David Fincher, is going to be the best of the lot. This series will remain in your memory forever as it will dramatize the FBI’s ventures into criminal reporting. You will get a real chill when it features the real interviews of the serial killers and the rapists as well. It will be exciting to watch how the FBI was transformed from being the conventional law firm to studying the felonious psychology. Fincher’s work has always been the best, and this one is not going to disappoint you.

Glow or the Gorgeous ladies of wrestling

This show has an interesting story line and you will be glued to watch it. The first season consisted of 10 episodes which came in 2017. Netflix has renewed the series for the second season of 10 episodes. It features some avant-garde women who wish to go for a break. These women are interested in a talent show and then starts their real journey. It is hard for them to toil, but determined enough, they soon become the Wrestling ladies. Glow is a must watch!

Orange is the New Black

An American comedy drama, this series features Piper Kerman, played by Taylor Schilling as she begins her 15-month sentence. This one is the 6th season, which is more engaging than ever. It has an excellent plot which is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir and about her experiences at FCI Danbury, a low-security federal prison.


Last, but one of the best! The most popular of all, we can hardly catch hold of someone who has not seen the this telly’s every single episode, and there have been 236 of them! Netflix provides you with an opportunity to indulge in your favorite series once more.

3 Easy Summer Hair Styles to Rock this Summer

easy hairstyles

The picture of a model flaunting a stunning summer hairdo on the cover page of a popular fashion magazine makes you drool, isn’t it? While the scorching heat in the summers can be distressing to some people, to some, it can be a new fashion inspiration!

As summer translates into beach sides, camping, and boating, it is also the perfect time to get into your best braids. Let us look into the top three easy summer hairstyles to sport this summer:

1. Fishtail Bun

easy hairstyles

A bun in summer not only makes you look fresh and cool, but also provides you the most sought comfort in summer, leaving your neck totally open and breathy. This is how you can curate this fashionable yet comfortable hairdo:

Gather all your hair into a high ponytail.
Use a thin hair band to hold the hair together.
Segregate the ponytail into two equal portions.
Take one portion and divide it into two.
Now you need to make a fishtail braid out of it
When you are done, tie it with a band.
Repeat the same with the other portion.
One braid has to be wrapped around the ponytail base.
The second braid is to be wrapped around the first braid.

And Voila!

2. Double Bun

easy hairstyles

Try double bun for the most sleek and unique look. Go through the steps below:

Use a hair spray to hold the hair together.
Make a clean and tidy centre parting line.
Divide your hair in two equal partings.
Move all the hair of one part to the middle.
Take it down to your neck.
Make a ponytail.
Make a snake out of the ponytail.
Coil the snaky ponytail into a spiral bun.
Use pin to hold the bun.
Repeat with the other half.

3. French rope back braid

easy hairstyles

This is another stylish hairstyle to flaunt in your girl’s gang. The best thing is, this style works with any hair texture – waves or curls or straight! The process is:

Make your hair into two sections.
Create a rope braid.
Take each part of hair in a clockwise direction and then wrap them in counter clockwise direction.
Keep adding more hair from the hairline as you go down.
When you reach the back of your head, repeat the same with the next half.
Pin the braid.
Pull the rope braids to give them a loose look.
Don’t worry if it looks slightly messy, it will add to the glamor.