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What to Wear to Work in the Summer?

What to Wear to Work in the Summer?

So, what exactly should your summer garb include? What to wear in summers which don’t compromise on your style status, yet is comfortable? When the sun is scorching with heat, getting dressed appropriately really gets challenging. You start feeling sweaty even with a thought of wearing high necklines, cardigans, jackets, etc.

This is when you need to make smart choices and transform your closet with light fabrics, nude colors, and breezy outlines. Here, we will guide you with some outfits that are chic, professional, and goes well with summer!

White Shirt

White is the most soothing color in summers as it absorbs a little or no heat. Not only it is comforting to the eyes, but this classic piece can never go wrong and suits everyone. You may go for a slight variation like some patches of colors like blue and yellow, floral prints on your white shirt, etc. to make the look more interesting. A white shirt or a T-shirt paired with a black leather skirt will look incredible. If you can wear black tapering pants with it, it will also look chic.

Ankle length dress

You may get bugged up with buttons on the shirt or pencil skirts, so there is a better solution for you. Go for an ankle-length torso with light stripes to keep you breezy this summer.

Slip dress with a duster coat

This combination in monochrome will give an awe-inspiring look. To make it more summer friendly, chose a light and plane tone. However, a printed duster coat with a plain slip dress can also look inspiring. Go with your gut!

Denim Jacket

Denim looks cool and keeps you sweat free in summer. There is nothing more versatile than a denim jacket. You can wear it with a printed skirt and a plain white blouse, you can also wear it with a mid-length dress, you can substitute it with a blazer in the office, and what not! Don’t forget to complete the look with leather boots.

Long belted Top

A long line belted top with a medium short skirt will gather all the eyes around on you. While the female colleagues will keep wondering where you got that look from, the male will remain enthralled. Choosing a pastel shade of the belted top will be wiser.

Sheer trench coat

What can look more fashionable than the sheer trench coat? Pair it up with light blue rugged denim jeans and a baby pink sleeveless top.


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