Summer Make-Up Essentials and Tips

summer makeup essentials

With the scorching sun and an intense hot temperature, all you need is comfortable attire, relaxing accessories, and summer make up essentials to keep you cool and breathing. We are here to help you with must have summer make up products to keep your skin glowing and you looking fresh and stunning even in the hot and humid days.

1. Sunscreen

A suitable sunscreen lotion should be your first beauty purchase this summer. Before buying a sunscreen, do check its SPF. The best way to use sunscreen is to apply it on your skin minimum 30 minutes before going out in the sun. If at all you need to apply some makeup, give the sunscreen sometime to sit on your skin and get absorbed completely before you can put on the make-up.

2. Blotting tissues

Summer makes the skin oily and messy. You periodically need to keep removing the sweat and excess oil. The Blotting tissues are a must have in your summer cosmetics list. It will keep the skin dry and breezy. Always keep a pack of Blotting tissues in your bag when you travel outdoor.

3. Lip balm

Give a break to your lips by staying away from lipsticks this summer. Lip balm looks equally appealing when applied in a proper manner. It will also help your lips get rid of irritation and dryness due to heat and sun exposure. Lip balm is a big relief to the painful and scaly lips. It is much needed because lips are much more sensitive than the skin elsewhere.

4. Mild scent

Summer is the time to use mild fragrance. Pick up a flowery aroma this summer rather than going with your usual brand. A heavy and strong fragrance in summer is a strict no-no. A mild flowery fragrance will create a cleaner and fresher appeal.

5. Anti-smudge eye liner and kohl

Summer means sweat. Some people experience most of the sweat under their eyes. This leads to smudging of the eye makeup. If eye liner and kohl are an important part of your fashion routine, don’t worry. You need not remove them from your list, all you need is to replace them with anti-smudge cosmetics.

You can also try turquoise and emerald eye liner this summer, rather than sticking to the repetitive black or grey.

6. Anti-Tanning creams

The sweltering sun rays can almost roast the skin. One of the most essential things to have this summer is an anti-tan cream. Buy the one that needs to be applied before going in the sun or go for tan-removing creams that you can use once you have already got your skin tanned.

Travel Destination Wish List 2018

Travel bucket list

In case you are looking for a perfect destination for your solo, with family, or with your girls/boys gang, we are here to help the travel freak in you to choose an exceptional holiday to satisfy your wanderlust this year 2018.

1. Bali, Indonesia

If you are looking for a tranquil, romantic, yet a fun-filled destination, head to Bali. It is a majestic island that offers a unique blend of the most blissful beaches, stunning temples, and tropical getaways. Bali is certainly a perfectly soothing and rejuvenating place to be. It is easy to reach Bali as the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport has multiple flights from all across the world.

2. Dubai

What an exotic destination Dubai is! Dubai hosts more than 10 million tourists every year all over from the world. Dubai offers charismatic architectural delights, stunning coastline, extensive deserts, inviting shopping arcades, and what not. Dubai speaks of opulence and luxury. Dubai is a must include place in your wish-list for this year.

3. Akureyri, Iceland

Want to experience wilderness? Iceland is the place for you. The popularity of Iceland is growing every year. For the stunning waterfalls, nature baths, expansive pools, and magma caves, visit Iceland. If the crowd is something that turns you off when you are on a vacation, a trip to serene Iceland is the best gift you can give to yourself.

4. Liverpool, UK

Whenever you visit Liverpool, you will always find something happening. Liverpool, probably the only city in the world that details the culture and heritage lavishly, hosts cultural events round the year. It is a city of unique attractions, upscale sport offerings, unparalleled musical legacy, making Liverpool an ideal destination for you. Get ready for a fantasizing experience with the largest museums and art galleries around.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

The historical city of Prague deserves every bit to be part of your travel list. The city offers breath taking view of ornate, gothic, and resurgence architecture. One of the best parts of Europe, this city has much to offer. The art and beauty of the church in Old Town Square, Prague castle, and Schwarzenberg Palace will touch your heart.

6. Andaman

The dreamiest destination ever, Andaman is packed in the shade of turquoise. Wide and serene white sands in the landscape rainforest with exceptional wildlife around, it can’t get more idyllic. Radha Nagar Beach is the most quiet and pristine beaches in Asia. Enjoy the water sports and marine life view in Havelock Island, ensuing into an unforgettable memory to cherish forever.